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Raul Lanuza

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Displaying the quality of a bespoke cigar from Raul Lanuza made in Esteli, Nicaragua involves a careful assessment of several factors.

First, the appearance of the cigar should be visually appealing with a smooth, unblemished wrapper and a firm, even feel when held. The color and texture of the wrapper can also give clues about the tobacco used and the quality of its cultivation.

Second, the aroma of the cigar should be pleasing and indicative of the tobacco used. This can be detected by gently smelling the foot and body of the cigar.

Third, the flavor and complexity of the cigar should be evaluated by taking slow, deliberate draws and noting the nuances of taste and aroma. A high-quality cigar will typically have a balanced, complex flavor profile with notes of spice, sweetness, and earthiness.

Finally, the construction and burn of the cigar should be observed, with a high-quality cigar burning evenly and maintaining a firm ash.

Overall, a bespoke cigar from Raul Lanuza made in Esteli, Nicaragua, where the finest tobacco grows, should demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in all of these areas, resulting in a satisfying smoking experience for the connoisseur.